Welcome to the Applied Plasticity & Learning Lab!

Plasticity, the ability of the brain to change in response to the environment, is at the heart of what we study. How does what we experience be it media, education, video games, meditation or other experiences affect our ability to pay attention, to learn and to successfully pursue our goals? What changes might recent developments in technology and how we spend our leisure time affect our minds?  Are these changes largely for the better or are some for the worse? Can we deliberately choose and design experiences that will target and improve specific mental processes and will they show transfer to real world outcomes?

We are also interested in how plasticity changes throughout the lifespan and are developing studies with children and older community based adults in addition to our current work with college students. Although our focus is on cognitive processes, we are interested in related social and personality constructs such as impulsiveness and conscientiousness and what role these individual differences may play in terms of cognitive plasticity.

There are many different projects running or being developed in the lab. Please check out our Projects Page for some of our current studies. If you are interested in participating in one of our studies or joining the lab, please email Dr. Minear mminear2@uwyo.edu.

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